silk crib sheet, silky tots, baby bald spot
silk crib sheet, silky tots, baby bald spot

***PRE-ORDER*** Silk Crib Sheet - Pearl

PRE-ORDER; due for delivery at the end of August. Please note that any products ordered with a pre order product will be held and they will be sent together. Please email me at if this is an issue.


Ordinary cotton and bamboo sheets twist and tug the hair causing knotting, matting and eventually the dreaded baby bald spot. Silky Tots Silk Crib Sheets allow hair to glide over the surface, eliminating the friction to prevent baby bald spots and bed-head!

Incredible results also shown on existing baby bald spots with noticeable re growth in 2-3 weeks.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite repellent meaning Silky Tots Silk Crib Sheets are also perfect for bubs with sensitive skin or allergies.

No more frizz, bald spots or knotty tots!

◦ Fitted Crib Sheet (52x727x7in)
◦ 100% Mulberry Silk
◦ 22 momme 6A Grade 
◦ Okeo Tex 100 certified non toxic