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shop silk crib slips

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shop silk pillow slips

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We are Silky Tots - the original creators of the Silk Crib Slip, a world first in baby bald spot and bed-head prevention! Our 100% mulberry silk products help to prevent friction that causes frizz, knotting and ultimately bald spots!

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silk crib slip

The sleep safe solution to baby bald spots

Silky Tots silk crib slip fits snugly around any cot mattress creating a silky soft barrier between bub's head and the sheet below. 

No more bed-head, frizz or knotty tots.

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Why Silk

Ordinary cotton or bamboo textiles tug and twist the hair, leaving your bub knotted, matted and eventually bare!

Silk is naturally hydrating, temperature regulating and hypoallergenic, making our silk products perfect for sensitive skinned babes. 

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