For Bassinets

We have 3 options for Bassinets; Silk Bassinet SleeveSilk Lounger/Bassinet Sheet and the Silk Snoo Sheet.

Silk Bassinet Sleeves

Can be adjusted to fit various mattress widths, from narrow bassinets like Moses baskets to wide co-sleeper mattresses such as the Next2Me. They can also be used on irregular shaped mattresses like the Halo bassinet. 

Silk Lounger/Bassinet Sheets

Fitted sheet, designed to fit standard bassinet mattresses approx. 15.5" wide. Can also be used on Loungers such as the DockATot deluxe, more info below.

Silk Snoo Sheets

Specifically designed to fit The Happiest Baby ‘Snoo’ mattress.

*For Nestig Mini Crib/Bassinet Sheets please see Mini Cribs.

For comprehensive sizing information see our products our SIZE GUIDE

Benefits of Silk

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